Trumpet Academy of Kentuckiana


Dr. Stacy Simpson

Study privately with Dr. Stacy Simpson and you will discover how to produce the most vibrant tone, the importance of fundamentals, how to practice efficiently, be a sensitive musician, and how to prepare for auditions.

With over thirty years of teaching experience, Dr. Simpson teaches private trumpet lessons in her home in New Albany, Indiana, and at Bellarmine University, Louisville, Kentucky, and is devoted to bringing quality instruction to serious-minded trumpet students. Her students are consistent and active participants in many outstanding performance ensembles including the Louisville Youth Orchestra, All-State Bands and Orchestras, and Kentuckiana Ensembles. In addition, students are regular participants in National and International Competitions.

Several students each year go to school to study a career in music. Former students have attended the following institutions:

Read what students have to say about Dr. Simpson’s teaching.

Her sensitivity to making music and her commitment to the student is what makes her stand out as a musician and mentor, but her compassionate understanding of the student-teacher dynamic is what makes her a great person to work with in any regard. I always feel excited to go back and see what else I can learn from her even after being gone for several years in college; because her teaching is just that engaging.

Starting off as a freshman in high school I was quite lost on how much was possible on the trumpet. When starting lessons with Dr. Simpson I gained more than just knowledge on how to become a great musician but also how to become a better person. She pushed me beyond what I thought was possible. I learned how to increase lip flexibility, create a pure and beautiful tone, and practice with the most effective techniques. Coming to my lessons each week was the highlight of my day. Not only did I know I was going to conquer the next etude in our books, but also, I was going somewhere that was safe and that I could talk her about absolutely anything. She was my mentor, teacher, role model, and a friend. Today I can honestly say I’m a better musician and person by spending valuable time under Dr. Simpson.

I gained a sense of confidence from studying with Dr. Simpson. She had me try things on the trumpet that were out of my comfort zone and because of that I have been able to accomplish more than I ever thought I would.

During my time at Bellarmine University, I had the privilege to study trumpet with Stacy Simpson. Going into the lessons, I was initially nervous about how I was going to do with a college instructor since I had taken a two-year break from lessons since high school. However, my anxiety was immediately calmed in our first lesson. Stacy helped me make wondrous changes to my embouchure, which brought about an immediate change in my tone quality. This allowed me to reach much higher notes than I had ever thought possible. Along with this, she taught me many new techniques including but not limited to double-tonguing and ornamentation. Her extensive knowledge of the instrument, its history, and music theory along with her seriousness and determination to push her students to be as good as they can be, makes the experience both fun and extremely rewarding. Lessons with Stacy are a must!

I began lessons with Stacy when I was in middle school to prepare myself for high school so that I could succeed in whatever I put my mind to.  I had been a member of the top ensembles in my high school, including symphonic band, jazz band, and orchestra from my freshman to senior year.  Without the work, effort, and time that Stacy had spent on me I would not have been able to be nearly as successful as I was.  Weekly fundamental exercises and etudes were assigned along with me working on audition materials for various groups and ensembles.  Now that I am in college and continuing my career in music, I constantly think back to things that she has taught me in my lessons and continue the practice habits that she instilled in me.  Even though I no longer take regular lessons with her, I know that I would be able to come back anytime and ask for help.  All in all, I enjoyed and learned invaluable information about trumpet during my time studying with Dr. Simpson and couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.